VTU Revaluation Correction Rules – Marks Valuation Process

This is first time in history that VTU has announced the semester results in so much delay. All these things have affect student’s future. Due to delay many aspirants are complaining about the marks distribution. Many aspirants got very less marks as per his/her attempt in examination. So as you know many of you are going to apply for revaluation but you should know the revaluation process or marks distribution process. There are many people has commented that they want to know that on what basis examiner will give marks on the answer sheet.

Here in this page we are going to describe in detailed manner so that you should know about and simply don’t blame only VTU. Sometime students did some fault and they blame to VTU.

I am sure you will change your mind after reading this post and you will apply for the revaluation if you still not applied. VTU also know that this year they will receive thousands of application for the revaluation and they are arranging the checking scheduled so that they can publish results as soon as possible. So you will soon abale to check you revaluation results 2017 on this page.

Revaluation Marks Process, How to do?

  1. VTU will arrange another examiner and they will again valuate you answer sheet.
  2. They don’t know about your previous marks and all other things
  3. As per the process they will give the marks and higher authority will check the current marks and previous marks
  4. If you previous marks will higher that the current revaluation marks then they will publish previous marks
  5. If revaluation marks is more than the current marks then they will allot new marks which you get at the time of revaluation.

Here Some Example:-

  • If you allotted 45 marks in current results and in revaluation if you will get 37 then your revaluation result will be 45 marks only.
  • If you got 75 marks in current results and if you get 85 marks after revaluation then your revaluation result will be 85 marks.

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