VTU grace marks rule – 6 ways VTU gives Grace Marks

Grace marks are life line for many aspirants but you know all university has policy to give grace marks so VTU also has policy. But many aspirants don’t know about that. So if you don’t know the grace marks policy then we are here to give the whole over view about that. You can get some idea about the things which is not known by most of the people.

Many aspirants has been approached through the comment and message to give the full details about the VTU Grace marks system so after doing so much research we got some information from the teacher and other undisclose sources.

VTU Grace Marks System Policy

Here we are giving the 6 ways through which VTU will provide the grace marks. So check the all criteria through which VTU has award the grace marks.

GMR 01:- You know only 1% of aspirants has able to get grace marks. As per the VTU guide line, aspirants who get grace marks in internal, external, lab or in anything they can get minimum pass marks. That means if you are near to pass marks then examiner can give some marks so that you can just pass that.

GMR 02:- Aspirants gets maximum 5 marks as a grace so examiner not have right to give more than 5 marks as a grace. This is also eligible when students are falling in one subject and they have cleared all other subject.

GMR 03:- FCD and First Class aspirants also get grace marks if they are lacking with 5 marks in making of FCD and first class. So you should check the and that will be give by VTU officials only.

GMR 04:- Candidate will get grace marks in the any one condition as per GMR 1, GMR 2, GMR 3 so check all these you are satisfying or not.

GMR 05:- One candidate can get only one time grace marks in engineering carrier so every time you don’t expect the grace marks.

These four and five condition will be applicable for VTU Grace Marks system and you should be full fill then only you will get grace marks in VTU.


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