7th Sem Mechanical Engineering Recommended Books – Check List

Mechanical Engineering is one of the best courses in the world and many engineering branches are born by Mechanical Engineering. Now many thousands of aspirants are studying in VTU and they want to become a knowledgeable Mechanical Engineers. But you must need some thing extra to do that and for that you must study good books as well as reputed reference books. So we are giving you some reference books list for those who are studying VTU as mechanical engineering. It will very helpful if you study these books and many aspirants ask the question about that so its my owner to guide. If you thinking that these book are very hard to buy then don’t worries you will find these books on your college library. So check out all reference books in below section.


Text Books:

  1. Engineering Economy, Riggs J.L., 4TH ed. , McGraw Hill, 2002
  2. Engineering Economy, Thuesen H.G. PHI , 2002

Reference Books:

  1. Engineering Economy, Tarachand, 2000.
  2. Industrial Engineering and Management, OP Khanna, Dhanpat

Rai & Sons. 2000

  1. Financial Mangement, Prasanna Chandra, 7th Ed., TMH, 2004
  2. Finacial Management, IM PANDEY, Vikas Pub. House, 2002

VTU recommended books for 7th semester Mechanical Engineering




Text Books:

  1. Mechanical Vibrations, S. S. Rao, Pearson Education Inc, 4th

edition, 2003.

  1. Mechanical Vibrations, V. P. Singh, Dhanpat Rai & Company, 3rd

edition, 2006.

Reference Books:

  1. Theory of Vibration with Applications, W. T. Thomson, M. D.

Dahleh and C. Padmanabhan, Pearson Education Inc, 5th edition,


  1. Mechanical Vibrations: S. Graham Kelly, Schaum’s outline Series,

Tata McGraw Hill, Special Indian Edition, 2007.

  1. Theory and Practice of Mechanical Vibrations: J. S. Rao & K.

Gupta, New Age International Publications, New Delhi, 2001.

  1. Mechanical Vibrations, G. K.Grover, Nem Chand and Bros, 6th


edition, 1996.



Text Books:

  1. “Fluid Power with Applications”, Anthony Esposito, Sixth edition,

Pearson Education, Inc, 2000.

  1. ‘Pneumatics and Hydraulics’, Andrew Parr, Jaico Publishing Co

Reference Books:

  1. ‘Oil Hydraulic systems’, Principles and Maintenance S. R. Majurr,

Tata McGraw Hill Publishing Company Ltd. – 2001

  1. ‘Industrial Hydraulics’, Pippenger, Hicks” McGraw Hill, New


  1. ‘Hydraulic & Pneumatic Power for Production’, Harry L. Stewart
  2. ‘Pneumatic Systems’, S. R. Majumdar, Tata McGraw Hill Publish



  1. Power Hydraulics’ Michael J Pinches & John G Ashby, Prentice Hall



Text Books:

  1. Operations Research, P K Gupta and D S Hira, Chand

Publications, New Delhi – 2007

  1. Operations Research, Taha H A, Pearson Education

Reference Books:

  1. Operations Research, A P Verma, S K Kataria &Sons, 2008
  2. Operations Research, Paneerselvan, PHI
  3. Operations Research, A M Natarajan, P Balasubramani, Pearson

Education, 2005

  1. Introduction to Operations Research, Hillier and Liberman,8th

Ed., McGraw Hill

  1. Operations Research S.D. Sharma, Ledarnath Ramanath & Co,


MECHANISM DESIGN Subject Code : 10ME751

Text Books:

  1. “Theory of Machines & Mechanisms”, J.J. Uicker, , G.R.

Pennock, J.E. Shigley. OXFORD 3rd Ed.

  1. ‘Mechanism & Machine Theory’, A.G. Ambekar, PHI, 2007

Reference Books:

  1. ‘Kinematics, Dynamics & Design of Machinery’, K. J. Waldron,
  2. L. Kinzel, Wiley India, 2007.
  3. ‘Advanced Mechanism Design’, Erdman Sandoor, Vol-l PHI,


  1. “Kinematics & Dynamics of Machinery” H.H. Mabie, F.W.

Ocvirk, John Wiley & Sons, New York, 3rd Ed.


Text Books:

  1. ‘Theory of Plasticity’, Chakraborty 3rd Edition Elsevier.
  2. ‘Engineering Plasticity’, W. Johnson and P. B. Mellor D Van N.O

Strand Co. Ltd 2000


Reference Books:

  1. Basic Engineering Plasticity, DWA Rees 1st Edition Elsevier.
  2. Theory of Plasticity, L. S. Srinath TMH,
  3. Theory of Plasticity, Sadhu Singh, Kanna publisher


Text Books:

  1. Engineering Design : A Materials and Processing Approach,

George E. Dieter, 4th Ed., Mc. Graw Hill Company, Newyork

  1. Product Design and Development. T. Ulrich. and S. D. Eppinger,

Tata Mc Graw Hill -2003

Reference Books:

  1. The Mechanical Design Process, D,. G. Ullman. 4th Ed.,

International Edition, 1992.

  1. Product Design and Manufacturing, A. K. Chitale, R. C. Gupta,

PHI, 2nd Ed – 2002.


Text Books:

  1. Non-Conventional Energy Sources by G.D Rai K, Khanna

Publishers, 2003.

  1. Solar energy, by Subhas P Sukhatme – Tata McGraw Hill, 2nd

Edition, 1996.

Reference Books:

  1. Renewable Energy Sources and Conversion Technology by

N.K.Bansal, Manfred Kleeman & Mechael Meliss, Tata McGraw

Hill, 2001.

  1. Renewable Energy Resources, John W.Twidell Anthony D. Weir El,

BG 2001.

  1. Solar Power Engineering, P.K.Nag, Tata McGraw Hill, 2003.

GAS DYNAMICS Subject Code : 10ME755


Text Books:

  1. Fundamentals of Compressible flow: Yahya, 2nd Edn. 1991;

Wieley Eastern.

  1. Gas Dynamics, E Radhakrishnan PHI-2006

Reference Books:

  1. Introduction to Gas Dynamics: Rolty, Wiley 1998
  2. Elements of Gas Dynamics: Liepmann and Roshko, Wiley 1994.
  3. The dynamics and thermodynamics of compressible fluid flow:

Shapiro Ronold press. 1994.

  1. Compressible Fluid Flow, J. F. Anderson


Text Books:

  1. Management Information Systems, Effy Oz, Cengage Learning,


  1. Management Information Systems, James A O’Brien, Irwin, 9th

Ed., McGraw Hill.

Reference Books:

  1. Management Information Systems, Laudon & Laudon, PHI 1998

Ed. ISBN 81-203-1282-1

  1. Management Information systems, S.Sadagopan, Prentice Hall of

India, 1998 Ed. ISBN 81-203-1180-9

  1. Information systems for Modern management G.R.Murdick PHI



Text Books:

  1. Automation, Production Systems and Computer Integrated

Manufacturing, M. P. Groover, Pearson education. Third Edition,


  1. Principles of CIM, Vajpayee, PHI.

Reference Books:

  1. Anatomy of Automation, Amber G.H & P. S. Amber, Prentice


  1. Performance Modeling of Automated Manufacturing Systems,

Viswanandham, PHI

  1. Computer Based Industrial Control, Krishna Kant, EEE-PHI


Text Books:

  1. Total Quality Management: Dale H. Bester field, Publisher –

Pearson Education India, ISBN: 8129702606, Edition 03/e

Paperback (Special Indian Edition)

  1. Total Quality Management for Engineers: M. Zairi, ISBN:

1855730243, Publisher: Wood head Publishing

Reference Books:

  1. A New American TQM, four revolutions in management, Shoji

Shiba, Alan Graham, David Walden, Productivity press, Oregon,


  1. 100 Methods for Total Quality Management: Gopal K. Kanji and

Mike Asher, ISBN: 0803977476, Publisher: Sage Publications, Inc.;

Edition – 1

  1. Organisational Excellence through TQM, H. Lal, New age pub,



Best Books for 5th Sem EEE Courses – For Latest VTU Syllabus

Good books always helps in getting good score in exams so if you are looking to know about which books is good for EEE subject for 5th semester then we will provide in below section. We will suggesting that you must read these book if you want good score not even in VTU if you want to success in any other governmental examination. It will also help in concept but it will take time to understand and once you understand the things you will become master in these subjects. All these books are also refereed by VTU so if you want to get good marks as well as want to achieve some thing then you must follow these books.

SIGNALS AND SYSTEMS  Subject Code : 10EE52


Text  Books for SS:

  1. Signals and Systems- Simon Haykin and Barry Van Veen, John Wiley & Sons, 2nd Edition 2008.
  2. Fundamentals of Signals and Systems – Michel J Roberts, TMH, 2nd Edition,2010.


Reference Books :

  1. Signals and Systems, Alan V Oppenheim, Alan S. Willsky and S. Hamid Nawab,PHI, 2nd edition,


  1. Signals and Systems, H P Hsu and others, Schaums Outline Series, TMH,2nd Edition,2008.

VTU Best Books for 5th semester Electrical Engineering




Text  Books:

  1. A Course in Electrical Power- Soni Gupta & Bhatnaagar, Dhanpat Rai & Sons.
  2. Electrical Power Systems- C. L. Wadhwa, New Age International,5th Edition,2009.


Reference Books:

  1. Elements of Power System Analysis- W.D. Stevenson, TMH,4th Edition
  2. Electric power generation Transmission & Distribution- S. M. Singh, PHI,2nd Edition, 2009.
  3. Electrical Power- Dr. S. L. Uppal, Khanna Publications.



Text Books:

  1. Electrical machinery, P.S Bhimbra, Khanna Publishers
  2. Electrical machines, DP Kothari, I.J.Nagarath, TMH, 4th edition, 2010.
  3. Electric Machines, Mulukuntla S.Sarma, Mukesh K.Pathak, Cengage Learning, First


Reference Books:

  1. Performance & Design of Alternating Current machines, M. G. Say, CBS publishers,3rd


  1. The Performance & Design of DC machines A.E Clayton & N.N.Hancock CBS Publication,3rd


  1. Electrical Machines,Ashfaq Hussain, Dhanpat Rai Publications.


Text Books:

  1. Digital control & state variable methods, M. Gopal , 3rd Edition, TMH ,2008
  2. Control system Engineering, I. J. Nagarath & M. Gopal, New Age International (P) Ltd,

3rd edition.

Reference Books:

  1. State Space Analysis of Control Systems, Katsuhiko Ogata -PHI
  2. Automatic Control Systems, Benjamin C. Kuo & Farid Golnaraghi, 8th edition, John Wiley &

Sons 2009.

  1. Modern Control Engineering, Katsuhiko Ogata, PHI,5th Edition, 2010
  2. Modern Control Engineering, D. Roy Choudary,PHI, 4th Reprint,2009.
  3. Modern control systems, Dorf & Bishop- Pearson education, 11th Edition 2008.


Text Booka:

  1. Operational amplifiers and linear IC’s, David A Bell, Oxford University Press, 2010.
  2. Operational amplifiers and linear IC’s, Ramakanth A Gayakwad, PHI, 4th edition,2009.
  3. Linear integrated circuits,S.P.Bali,TMH,2009.

Reference Books:

  1. Op Amps and Linear Integrated Circuits-Concepts and Applications, James

M.Fiore,Cengage Learing,2009.

  1. Op Amps, Design, Applications and Trouble Shooting,Elsevier,2nd Edition.
  2. Operational amplifiers and linear IC’s, Stanley William D, – 4th edition, Pearson Education.
  3. Linear Integrated Circuits-Analysis,Design and Applications,B.Somanathan Nair, Wiley

India, First,Edition, 2009.



VTU Odd sem results 2017, Check 1st/3rd/5th/7th Semester Results 2017

VTU conducts odd semester examination on the Dec/January 2016 and all candidates had attended that examination and now they want to know his/her results of that. This time VTU did very wrong things for the aspirants and it has unable to publish the results on timely basis and that act creates so must mess among the students. Students are fed up with the vtu managements and publishing date of results of odd semester 2017. Some aspirants also angry due to the miss managements of evaluation answer sheet. It is one of the disgusting things happened with the students in recent history of VTU.

VTU Odd Sem Results – 1st/3rd/5th/7th Semester Results 2017

VTU odd semesters results 2017 has been out on the official website any aspirants who wants to check that results they can check by visiting official website. Any aspirants who have attended they can check because all region results have published on website. So you just click this link for checking VTU Results. As far as my concerns and yours, may be some students are worrying about the next semester exams and results but VTU will not effects you next semester things.

VTU also published the VTU odd sememster CBS results so all cbs students also able to check VTU Results 2017 through the official website or by given link this page.

Latest Update Regarding the VTU Results 2017

  • VTU Results of V, VI, VII & VIII Sem B.E. of all regions announced.
  • May 21st: VTU 3rd sem results 2017 CBCS announced on 23-05-2017.
  • Results of B.Arch students admitted to Crash/Extricating Semester are announced.
  • Results of III & IV Sem B.E. (Non-CBCS) all regions announced.
  • E/B.Tech 5th semester results are announced for Mysuru & Bengaluru Region
  • E/B.Tech 5th semester results are announced for Belagavi & Kalaburagi Region
  • Results of VII Sem B.E. All Regions have been announced.
  • 7th May 2017: VII Sem B.E Results for Mysore Region Announced.
  • 5th May 2017: VII Sem B.E Results for Belagavi and Kalaburgi Region Announced.

VTU grace marks rule – 6 ways VTU gives Grace Marks

Grace marks are life line for many aspirants but you know all university has policy to give grace marks so VTU also has policy. But many aspirants don’t know about that. So if you don’t know the grace marks policy then we are here to give the whole over view about that. You can get some idea about the things which is not known by most of the people.

Many aspirants has been approached through the comment and message to give the full details about the VTU Grace marks system so after doing so much research we got some information from the teacher and other undisclose sources.

VTU Grace Marks System Policy

Here we are giving the 6 ways through which VTU will provide the grace marks. So check the all criteria through which VTU has award the grace marks.

GMR 01:- You know only 1% of aspirants has able to get grace marks. As per the VTU guide line, aspirants who get grace marks in internal, external, lab or in anything they can get minimum pass marks. That means if you are near to pass marks then examiner can give some marks so that you can just pass that.

GMR 02:- Aspirants gets maximum 5 marks as a grace so examiner not have right to give more than 5 marks as a grace. This is also eligible when students are falling in one subject and they have cleared all other subject.

GMR 03:- FCD and First Class aspirants also get grace marks if they are lacking with 5 marks in making of FCD and first class. So you should check the and that will be give by VTU officials only.

GMR 04:- Candidate will get grace marks in the any one condition as per GMR 1, GMR 2, GMR 3 so check all these you are satisfying or not.

GMR 05:- One candidate can get only one time grace marks in engineering carrier so every time you don’t expect the grace marks.

These four and five condition will be applicable for VTU Grace Marks system and you should be full fill then only you will get grace marks in VTU.

VTU 7th Semester Revaluation Results 2017 – All Streams Results News and Updates

This year VTU publish regular 7th sem results too much late and that creates so much buzz among the final year aspirants. As you most of the companies comes in 7th sem for the placements due to late results they are unable to attend the final semesters examination and such conditions will creates problem in joining the companies so this problem for final year aspirants but you VTU is also aware of that and they want to short out these problem as soon as possible. VTU management has taking more pressure than students who are studying.

As you know that till first week of may, all VTU semesters results has announced and VTU all ready opened or given the date for revaluation application form because many aspirants has got not good marks as per his/her attempt in examination. So many aspirants has applied in that and they are awaiting the results of that. As you know that VTU is also published all semesters results included the 7th sem results on official website. If you want to check that then click on the below mentioned links. We have listed the notification on region wise. So it ie very easy to check results and you just click on that link to visit the official website.

So aspirants who are waiting for VTU 7th sem results they now can check on official website. As you now even semester or 8th semesters results will be displayed after the conduction of examination which one you are going to attend. So all of you should attend upcoming exam and check 8th semester results and results update about the VTU on this page.

Jun 2017:- VTU has released the VTU 7th Sem Revaluation Results 2017 on the official website so any aspirants who has applied for the revaluation they can check there results on official website.

VTU will soon going to publish the other semesters results so as soon as vtu publish results we will update according to that. So keep in touch with this page and get latest information about the VTU Results.

VTU Revaluation Correction Rules – Marks Valuation Process

This is first time in history that VTU has announced the semester results in so much delay. All these things have affect student’s future. Due to delay many aspirants are complaining about the marks distribution. Many aspirants got very less marks as per his/her attempt in examination. So as you know many of you are going to apply for revaluation but you should know the revaluation process or marks distribution process. There are many people has commented that they want to know that on what basis examiner will give marks on the answer sheet.

Here in this page we are going to describe in detailed manner so that you should know about and simply don’t blame only VTU. Sometime students did some fault and they blame to VTU.

I am sure you will change your mind after reading this post and you will apply for the revaluation if you still not applied. VTU also know that this year they will receive thousands of application for the revaluation and they are arranging the checking scheduled so that they can publish results as soon as possible. So you will soon abale to check you revaluation results 2017 on this page.

Revaluation Marks Process, How to do?

  1. VTU will arrange another examiner and they will again valuate you answer sheet.
  2. They don’t know about your previous marks and all other things
  3. As per the process they will give the marks and higher authority will check the current marks and previous marks
  4. If you previous marks will higher that the current revaluation marks then they will publish previous marks
  5. If revaluation marks is more than the current marks then they will allot new marks which you get at the time of revaluation.

Here Some Example:-

  • If you allotted 45 marks in current results and in revaluation if you will get 37 then your revaluation result will be 45 marks only.
  • If you got 75 marks in current results and if you get 85 marks after revaluation then your revaluation result will be 85 marks.

VTU 1st sem results 2017 – CBCS Results news and updates

Now, good new has come for 1st semester aspirants after so much long time. As per the latest notification VTU 1st Sem Results 2017 has been announced on the official website of VTU. There are many candidate are waiting so much time for that. This is first time when VTU did such delay while publishing results. Many aspirants are in dilemma for the applying for next examination. But now you can check your results of 1 sem because vtu has announced the results on official website.

Due to this delay many students got wrong impression but this happened first time in history so you will see that next upcoming VTU results will be published on timely basis. So don’t judge by this year results and just focus on the next exam preparation. But if you still want to checn you 1sm results then check the below section. In below section whole process as well as How to check process has been mentioned in that.

VTU is full form of Visvesvaraya Technological University and its name based on an Indian Engineer, Scholar, Statesman and Highest honour “Bharat Ratna” M. Visvesvaraya. It was established in the  1988 at Belagavi, Karnataka. VTU operating more than 315 affiliated engineering colleges under its jurisdiction. Every year more than 500000 students Graduate from VTU. It conducts Semester wise examinations and releases results after few days.

Steps to check VTU 1st Sem Results 2017

  • You must have to visit official site by clicking here
  • Aspirants will find many links on the website so you should click on that link
  • You will get new page in that you should enter the USN and other details
  • After that click on submit button and wait few seconds so that they will shou your results
  • You can save that result for the future purpose.

So in this way can check your results. If you have quarry related to the VTU Results then feel free to comment and raise any question.